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How to Choose the Best Airport Taxi Service in Halifax?

Halifax, the capital city of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, has a number of airport taxi services which provide comfortable and safe rides to travellers. Different taxi service providers will offer different rates and cars. But how do you choose the best one?

Consider the following aspects before choosing an airport taxi service in Halifax:


First and foremost, you should see how professional their drivers are. There have been many cases where customers have shunned a few companies for their drivers’ misbehaviour. The way the company hires its drivers is an essential factor to consider. A service provider who conducts stringent background and physical checks of drivers is reliable and professional.


Different service providers price their rides at different rates. Moreover, rates also vary according to demand and timing. Some airport services can be availed at special discounts, which are usually a vital part of their sales strategy. Compare the rates of different service providers and choose the one which offers attractive fares.


Perhaps timeliness of airport service taxis is the most important factor to consider. If a taxi makes you wait beyond the estimated pick-up time, it isn’t the right choice for you. Some service providers don’t maintain a large fleet of cabs for meeting high demands. As such, they are likely to arrive late. An airport taxi service should save your time, otherwise, you might miss your flight.


If you are living several miles away from the airport, you certainly don’t want to travel in a dilapidated car. There are a number of companies that offer extremely comfortable cars. In fact, they give various options such as limousines and other luxury cars based on the comfort needs of people. Go for service providers that maintain decent and comfortable cars. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go for luxury, go for basic cars that don’t compromise on comfort.


Insurance is a sign of how committed an airport taxi service is. The right taxi service will take measures to ensure the passengers’ safety and cover expenses in case of an emergency. Moreover, they would also ensure that your belongings reach your destination in good shape. Make sure you ask them how much insurance their vehicles have and when was the last time they updated their insurance policy.

The above tips should help you find the right airport taxi service.

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